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Three Generations

Fred & Mary Virostek began farming in 1953 with the main home quarter and after 5 years purchased the second quarter.  

Their son Ray came back to the farm in 1970 after a career in the oil field. He began growing Pedigreed Seed. In 1978, they built the seed cleaning plant which at the time specialized in cereals. Ray married Lorraine in 1981 & continued operating the alfalfa seed cleaning plant, second biggest in Alberta.

After a career in pipelining, their son Derek came back to farm. He bought his first quarter in 2004 where he began farming part time & by 2010 was back farming full time. Derek married Louise & now have 2 children.  The farm has expanded greatly since its beginning days & we continue to specialize in Alfalfa seed production.

We look forward to getting to know you. 

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